Earth Day Special: ‘The Wide Blue Yonder’

Ever since the last millennium,

The sky intrigued Sapiens who gazed (at it) in wonder.

Pulled propulsion off with thrust and flew aluminum

Into the Wide Blue Yonder!


Had no man thought before we’d come so far,

The wisest could barely hunt and hike and wander.

Discoveries and inventions ensued,

In the new age of advancement and Order.


At bay, Humanity; at war were the creeds.

The strong revelled, the tyrannised floundered,

They disrupted the scenery, the dreaded slaves to greed,

Seeking conquest of the Wide Blue Yonder.


What good is intelligence that makes men reckless,

Who’s heeding the secondary & forgetting to ponder,

God’s Deluded worshippers killing innocent masses;

“Stop the mayhem. Silence them!”, my inner self thundered.


No place discovered beyond the blue

be so bountiful and secure!

Yet we provoke the mighty Terra

to leave behind her no clue

That it slewed a race basking under the Imperial Azure.


Since the inception of the righteous quest for paradise,

The Earthling has been fonder

of the majestic globe as he flies


-Kenny Knox


We daydream about Heaven, oblivious to the Parad underneath our feet. Let’s give Earth back what we borrowed from it and make it beautiful again. Happy Earth Day.

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