The brunt of adopting a feminist ideology

Feminism: The belief that women are and should be treated as potential intellectual equals and social equals to men. These people can be either male or female human beings, although the ideology is commonly (and perhaps falsely) associated mainly with women.

The inception of the very ideology Feminism together with the movements in the name of the same might have been in pursuit of thorough Equality of the sexes but sadly, especially since the 21st century began, ‘Feminism’ overshadows the need for the likes of- a society with equal and fair treatment, morally accepted behaviours, roles, duties, similar laws and quantum of punishments, debunking gender stereotypes; stirring up worldwide discrimination against men. Feminists have lost credibility, lately but a majority of the new revised laws (in feminist countries like India) inevitably turn unreasonably favourable for women as the legislature is in a tumult due to the unruly flocks of feminists which are swarming the streets of metropolises, railing against the gender inequities, especially the ones under the impression that it’s restricted to/directed towards establishing precedence of the female society over gentlemen.

To all the feminists who would ever read this:

It is indeed righteous to rage against inequality. You were born to be the torchbearer of change. Never doubt your importance to the society.

Remember, you don’t need to blow atrocities out of proportion to foreground the dire need of sheer equality of rights. You do not always have to pretend to be the victims. If the demanded amendments in the system are justifiable, you’ll have your share of rights. Also, you cannot lay the blame on Men for catching a glimpse of your wonderful body. You do it too. A lot of feminists, never mind the whole chunk would be triggered already. Trust me, by the time you finish reading this, you’d not be fuming that a male is being disrespectful (Unless it’s an Unprovoked Rebuke) or simply gazing at you. Instead, you might have a different perspective on the issue. Not all men look at you lasciviously. Most of the men who you suspect to be leering at you are probably stunned by your irresistible body, the body you left no stone unturned in shaping, toning and prettifying. We are humans and our brains are wired to be aroused even by a mere glance of what the person of the opposite sex has got, which is the reason why men can’t resist checking you out.

People would see whatever is noticeable, regardless of whether or not it is intended to grab a multitude of eyeballs. Although a situation wherein men have crammed into the elevator you got into first and stare right at your cleavage, oblivious of how far up the elevator has moved, can be nasty. If you find yourself in one, you can either immediately cover/hide your bosom in response to the lusty gaze that has already ruffled your feathers or stay idle if you’re proud of your femininity and revel in the gapes of men around you, to extricate yourself from the mare’s nest. You cannot bluntly ask them to turn their eyes away from your body, though you can scorn at them and strut out of the cuboid. Every woman wants to be admired for her beauty, both internal and external. Many ladies would not admit to dressing to tantalise men but most of the females actually do that. Both the parties (Gentlemen and Ladies) have sexual desires, being diverse enough for every individual to be aroused differently, thus they ought to be enticed by the Sexuality/Flesh of someone or a specific kind of persons. The point being that usually every man and sometimes women have a hard time refraining himself/themselves from staring at the other one in wonder. So, if a guy walks past a woman taking a stealthy look at her breasts or haunches and the lassie finds out, she shall not pay heed to him or his sly glance because it’s not a sexual offence (assault), having said that, if he mauls (Molests) her, she has all the power (of course legally) to accuse him of molestation. It’d be unfair to assert that boys should be taught how to treat a woman to the extent that they just gawp at or comment on their female counterparts, as the girls indulge in mockery, denigrate and humiliate guys. Just like men (who fear being watched, though), women too are opportunistic when it comes to checking a person out and subtly pull it off. While women get away with almost everything, men find it hard to dodge the scathing attacks launched on them by women for making the slightest mistakes.

Feminism in disguise of Gender Equality

There are instances where women went bananas when they saw men leering at them and literally sued the RATIONAL HUMANS for sneaking a glance of their wonderful bodies. Isn’t that unfair? Does charging somebody for innocently looking at oneself, if not lasciviously, make sense? Even the latter is far from being encompassed by the term Offence or specifically Sexual Offence. Sadly, a while ago, reports were rife that any man caught staring at a woman at a public place, would be sentenced to a 6 month imprisonment. Imagine the scenario if it had been the other way around- Jailhouses clogged with female criminals having no room for the remaining chunk that makes up about 2/3rd of the total culprits. It’s as inconceivable as it gets.

Watching what’s captivating is not a choice. Even if it’s a choice, it’s neither unethical nor distracting. It is natural, spontaneous and ingenuous. If one (Woman) is not at ease moving across the sidewalk wearing a plunging neckline T-shirt which besides revealing her cleavage, grabs attention of the pedestrians crossing her as it’s loose, thus is subject to being flung as she walks, the woman should not wear clothes that are bothersome. It sounds quite conservative, doesn’t it? Hang on.

The reaction is quite anticipated. “It’s my body and nobody can tell me what to wear or what looks decent. It’s my choice whether I should dress modestly or don a royal attire. To wear a skimpy outfit or to clothe at all is my own choice. Oh madam! We can’t and we’d never suggest you to get rid of it but, since the deal is never done until each of the two parties involved agrees to give something in return for what it receives, you may pledge to stay calm in conditions similar to the one mentioned above.

Women are believed to have the sixth sense which helps them fathom out the intentions of others and should use it wisely. Only if catching sight of someone (or people) peering at your body gets on your nerves and you can’t find a way out of the torment, can you politely ask them to cease looking at you. Though, if necessary, you may haul them over the coals.

The society, if not life, has been unfair to men lately. There’s a tendency for preferential treatment of women just because they are women. They wheedle men into doing whatever they want done. Most of the female robbers/pickpocketers get away with theft. If their vehicle collides with that of a man, he’s presumed to be at fault and is manhandled on the middle of the street. False accusations of Rape account for more than 70% of all the sexual assault cases that are registered. Talking about the Quantum and nature of Punishments which despite being purported to be equal for one and all, we gleaned that it’s not the case. People contemplating the reason for hostility & discrimination towards and stereotyping men are often baffled with the conclusion that men deserve all of it OR that- Empowering women is the nation’s priority and if men are being neglected, so be it. (They’re satisfied anyway).

A female victim of rape has the liberty to injure the rapist as brutally as she likes. If she turns down the request to punish him, an appropriate person chops his genitals off, leaving him to bleed to death.

What about the male victims? Do they even get justice? Many of the readers might think men are assaulted once in a blue moon, but, to their surprise, the cases are way more frequent than they think.

Would the punishment in this case be similar to the male criminals? Should men be obsequious to women because of their sheer femininity despite Feminists’ insistence that women are coequal partners of men and are at least as good as them, if not better in every parameter?

It’s time we realize we are all creatures of the impartial god. There shouldn’t be room for superiority (of a group, society, beliefs or culture) or partiality towards either sex. If necessary, person of either sex might have to compromise in order to achieve an end, regardless of whether they are feminists or Chauvinists.

For the record, Feminists are closer to becoming Terrorists than Republicans are to being labelled as Patriarchs.

To eliminate Inequality and Discord across the nation, the whole idea of Feminism must be retitled as ‘Gender Equalisation’.

Each of the two deeds, to wit, Feigning Vulnerability and Masquerading as Victims; would render women more likely to be sympathized with and, by the same token, they’d be deemed feeble.

gender-equalitySince it is recommended to end a blog post on a positive note, I’d prefer keeping to the conventional way;

All the lovely Ladies can expect colossal unwavering support from Men for the cause as long as it is candid, bona fide, straight to the point and is assuredly not a means/excuse of/for either tarnishing the reputation of the male compatriots or demeaning them in pursuit of Gender Equality. Neither women nor men should be nonchalant in public. Instead, they should bring out in the open, the crafty manipulators kindling misandry or misogyny and the ones using feminism to their advantage. Women, a few of them, are insensitive to the atrocities faced by men, as they have the social upper hand right now. We men appreciate what is plausible and of course, logical. Also, we respect every woman and do not encourage sexism and rape. Honesty is the need of the hour. Moreover, we need proper education to avoid mayhems which are hard to be brought to a stop.

Thank you for reading, pretty woman.


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